Thursday, June 30, 2005


Han, if you're reading this, keep your big furry oaf under control! He sheds everywhere, it's so gross, having that brown stuff all over my furniture. Sometimes I'm not even sure it's fur. I go through 3 couches a month! Can't you get him a leash, or choke-collar, or cage or something? If not, I'm gonna have to take matters into my own hands. That is, with a thick pair of rubber gloves. Eeeeew.

That was a Christmas present from Luke. Real crystal, with a mini-clock and music box. *tear* Now it's... SHATTERED!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Aayla's having a slumber party, I can't wait! I'm gonna bring my new Lord of the Rings jammies! They're so soft and fuzzy, I can't wait to show them off! According to Mace, something strange is going on between Aayla and Obi-Wan, I think it's best to stay out. Something about Ben's underwear and him wearing a bra... (shudders) let's not get into it. In that case, it might not be a good idea to bring too much beer for him.

Oh yeah, and Aayla, keep an eye on your clothes! Especially the new ones. You never know when someone might wanna steal them.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My new best friend

Yesterday I went to the animal shelter and you wouldn't believe who I picked up!
I made a picture of him.

Isn't he sweet? Fluke insisted on naming him 'Pounce' for some reason. But I named him Kenoboman after Obi-Wan.

I have to admit, the second I brought him home, he got all fat and lazy. I wonder if it means anything. He absolutely loves cheesy snacks and sheds hairballs on furniture. If this keeps happening, I'm gonna have to keep him outside. Stupid cat.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Cherry Popsicles

Hey, It's me Leia. I finally got one of these blog things, isn't it sweet? Anyhoo, right now I really want a cherry popsicle. I mean, it's like 80 degrees over here. And cherry's the best popsicle flavor ever made. Who doesn't like cherries? And it doesn't dye your toungue an icky color, like other flavors. I mean, I still remember the time Luke bought the brown one and actually ate it. We all told him not to, but he was like 'No way, I'm a man. I can eat anything I want cos I'm not afraid of anything!'
His tongue was brown for like a whole week.

Force be with you,